Do I Need a Standby Generator?

Why is a Home Generator a good idea?


When the next big storm hits, are you going to be the one on the block with the lights still on, your house high and dry despite the weather? Or are you going to be the one staying with your in-laws for the next couple weeks while your home sits with a flooded basement and food spoiling in the freezer waiting for the power to be turned back on?

Do medical issues require you to be dependent on electricity? Some require power to sleep, or even breathe! If that is you, don’t wait to schedule an installation.

Do you work from home? Can you afford to take multiple days off because the power is out, and you do not have a computer, phone, or internet without electricity?

Do you have kids or elderly living with you? These two people groups are more susceptible to hypothermia in the winter that could possibly be onset without a furnace being able to run.

Do you have a vacation home or cabin up north? We install standby generators to make sure your property has power 24/7. There is nothing worse than arriving for the weekend and finding out the basement flooded or the pipes froze while you were gone! Better still, you can monitor your generator from anywhere in the world!

Now more than ever it is time to face the facts. Due to this unprecedented time you are stuck at home. Really there is no-where safer to be. But how safe is it If the power goes out after a spring storm and you can’t even keep food cold or turn your lights on? With a Kohler standby generator, you can keep electricity worries at bay.

If you fit into any of the categories above, it is time to consider a home standby generator. To learn more call (920) 757-1343 or visit our website at

Quantum Electrical Solutions is a certified Kohler dealer and installer. We are happy to look at your home and find a standby generator solution that works for you.

Why Kohler?


We offer multiple sizes and models to fit your budget and home needs. Whether you need to power a few circuits, or your whole home, we can make it happen.

Quantum also installs inlets for portable generators. This is an inexpensive option that allows you to plug your portable generator right into your home with one cord. This allows you to keep critical circuits like your refrigerator and freezer on without extension cords running everywhere!