Are You Ready for Severe Weather? Generator options may be more affordable than you think.

Spring storms have arrived! Have you taken steps, or made a plan to ensure your power will still be on? It is true that home automatic start generators cost a bit of money. Are they worth it? The answer is yes to many homeowners, however there is another option to power your home that is more cost effective than you might think. If you have a portable generator, we have the ability to add an inlet to the exterior of your home with a transfer switch, that lets the generator run outside, while your lights stay on inside. Avoid the hassle of extension cords you know you are going to trip over, running your appliances. With a generator inlet you simply plug in your generator to the exterior of your home, start it , and turn on the circuit breakers that run critical equipment you need. No fuss, No mess. This option comes at a price point significantly lower than a home standby unit, while providing some of the benefits and peace of mind.

If you decide to go this route, here are some tips to remember:

  • Do not “backfeed” power into your home without a properly installed power inlet and transfer switch. This means don’t plug a double-male ended extension cord into your house. This can cause severe risk of injury or even death for your family and electrical linemen.
  • Maintain your portable generator regularly. It would be a pretty major let down if your generator didn’t start when you needed it to. Don’t just let it sit in the garage until you need it.
  • Do not run your generator in a home or a garage. Avoid carbon monoxide poisoning at all costs.
  • Keep your generator away from windows, doors, and air intakes. (both yours and your neighbors)
  • Turn off the generator and let it cool before fueling.
  • Have gas leftover in the tank after use? Empty the tank and let the generator run dry after use, or use a fuel stabilizer to avoid the leftover gas from going bad and keeping your generator from starting and running well when you need it most.

What’s the Difference between a portable generator and a standby generator?

Don’t feel like lugging out and trying to start a heavy generator in the middle of a storm? A permanent home standby generator starts automatically when the power goes out and you never need to worry about refueling. Even better, if you are away from home, you can monitor your generator directly from your phone. If the power goes out, you will be prepared to live life uninterrupted. Is a home standby generator for you? read more here.